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Prior to this, she served as a member of the Indian Administrative Service in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He loves hard problems and learning new things. Before joining, Brian worked in healthcare, education, research, load testing, military, and power management. When not hacking, Brian can be found riding ankita crypto investment group road bike, furnica trader bitcoin out in the ankita crypto investment group, camping, or ankita crypto investment group around with his kids. He came to Khan Academy after working in both for-profit and policy organizations. Outside of work, he likes to spend time hiking, skiing, reading, and doing the Sunday crossword. Paul holds a B. Nick is super excited to be working with the great folks at Khan Academy to improve education for everyone, everywhere. Care sunt cele mai bune monede criptografice pentru a investi acum professional history includes starting small businesses and writing clean code at startups. He's a big fan of being happy, technology and how it can help the world, reading, tea, and all situations that provide backdrops for exceptionally long conversations camping, hiking, or hosting dinner parties.

Michael has joined Khan Academy after years of building all kinds of software, everything from embedded devices to video games.

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Lauren leads marketing initiatives to spread the word about Khan Academy to people around the world. In her spare time she loves cooking, reading, and watching Broadway musicals. Before joining Khan Academy, Dave ran a test prep and college ankita crypto investment group firm in New York, and worked with students all over the world. Our goal is to be equal parts coach, mechanic, statistician and guru, occasionally with a little firefighter and comedian thrown in. We love helping our learners build their confidence and boost their scores with concrete techniques, strategies, and explanations that are bani de la domiciliu on-line, rigorous and candid. We hope to inspire our students to reach their targets and pursue their dreams. Duck Duck Moose is a creator of 21 award-winning educational apps with over 60 million downloads. Caroline also previously worked in product management and as a design consultant at IDEO. Queeny leads the talented design team at Khan Academy Kids! Queeny has a multidisciplinary design background in graphic design, illustration, web, and animation. Lorraine is a program manager for Khan Academy Kids specializing in social media marketing and customer support for the Khan Academy Kids community.

Lorraine has spent 10 years in the field of children's educational apps as a tech blogger and marketer. She's delighted to support Khan Academy Kids - ankita crypto investment group world's best educational app for kids. In her spare time, she parents two teen girls and spends as much time as possible in the local mountains - sun, rain, or snow! Philip is working on Khan Academy Kids, and he loves coding and developing valuable applications.

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He is working remotely from Changsha, China. In his free time, he enjoys drawing, painting and going on adventures with his family. Dave collects vintage children's books and has illustrated a few children's books. He was also a founding architect at C3. Dave leads a team focused on managing partnerships with school districts across the United States to support teachers and improve student outcomes. Hannah fell in love with Khan Academy while developing an introductory computer science site pentru tranzacționarea bitcoin for middle school students.

She interned at KA in and is thrilled to be back full-time! She enjoys using the arts to inspire learning and laughs. Odelia is super excited to be part of the Finance Team to help make sure all transactions, big and small, are accounted for accurately. Outside of work, Odelia enjoys reading, traveling to exotic and unexplored places, camera comerciantului criptografic new things, visiting cute card and paper shops, admiring the color changes in leaves during fall season, and attending basketball games. She ankita crypto investment group volunteers at a mentorship program monthly to hopefully inspire and guide students to take charge of their learning. Sanyukta is a designer who is excited to work on products mineri de criptomonede bring the world forward. She's had a mishmash of experiences - from working freelance, interning at a giant corporation and working at a design agency, to being an in-house brand and UX designer at a tiny startup. Sanyukta enjoys cookouts with friends and family, traveling, collecting gorgeous cookbooks, putting a fried egg on everything and battling her Goodreads reading list. Todd leads Khan Academy's user research efforts to help the team build empathy with, and design for, the students, teachers, district leaders, and parents who use Khan Academy. He's been in education on and off during his career with stints at DePaul University's teaching and learning center and as an education volunteer for the US Peace Corps.

When he's not on school visits with Khan Academy users, Todd enjoys riding bikes, boxing, learning piano, and a fine whiskey single large rock in it please. He's also a part time photographer and full-time Christmas enthusiast. Amos works on the infrastructure team at Khan Traficul de autotrader cu valori. Previously he helped create the Zope web framework and did a bunch of public art projects. He likes building kites and horsing around with his daughter. Aasmund is a geek of all trades who grew up in Norway where winter isn't only coming, it's been there all the time. Since discovering programming at the age of twelve, it has been his greatest hobby. While studying at the university, he discovered his love for teaching, and started giving extra lectures to his fellow students. When not teaching or programming, Aasmund enjoys reading, playing classical piano, hiking, and bragging about the three extra letters in the Norwegian alphabet: Æ, Ø, and Å.

Alice is an ardent believer in growth mindset, lifelong learning and quality education for all. Prior to Khan Cum sa faci bani online cu tine, she specialized in marketing and business development before transitioning to software engineering. He's won seven regional and one national Emmy award for his sports and investigative work and he's platforme de tranzactionare forex by the privilege to now be sharing the stories of Khan Academy with you.

Anmol manages Khan Academy's implementation in leading school chains in India. Ashish joined Khan Academy ankita crypto investment group with a dream of making world-class math content aligned to Indian curriculum. He tries to inspire students with his videos and exercises. Marta leads the engineering team in building learning experiences that provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Marta taught math before developing software and is excited to now combine her passions in service to the Khan Academy mission. Austin's self-stated life goal is to learn everything about everything. Since that might take a while, he's starting with the fun stuff. Using skills acquired during undergrad at Stanford game theory and risk aversion, a Masters of Analytics program at Northwestern predictive algorithms, and a two-year stint as a Data Scientist at Facebook Python programming, Austin spent a year-long sabbatical perfecting a model that helps him choose which kicker to draft for his fantasy football team. Julia is a Product Ankita crypto investment group, focusing on scaling the face mai mulți bani online of Khan Academy. She was previously a Product Manager at Edmodo. Julia started her career in education as a classroom teacher. Diana helps keep Khan Academy and its learners safe. She is a problem solver and an optimizer. She is always looking for alternate routes to take. Diana spends her free time hiking or skiing the mountains of Colorado, depending on the season. When it's rainy, she enjoys board games with friends.

Jason was a former classroom teacher and technology coordinator. He ran Yahoo! Kelli is a researcher who is passionate about solving problems by gathering and analyzing data. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Kelli spent 10 years at Pearson researching the impact of professional development on teacher practice and student outcomes. She also headed up international impact evaluation studies for K12 at Pearson. Before Pearson, she spent a few years at one of the Regional Educational Labs and a small edtech consulting firm conducting program evaluations o f,various technology initiatives. Her Ph. She is passionate about character design and illustration for mediums such as film, video games, books, and comics. She ankita crypto investment group has a love for ankita crypto investment group, which she believes brings a unique point of view as she works!

Along with dance, she finds inspiration among pastel colors, circus arts, astrology, and confectionaries especially ice cream, which all make their way into her work in some form or another. Grace is on the Khan Academy Kids team and is excited to build educational experiences for the youngest learners. She is passionate about early education and technology, eagerly combining the two to expand learning opportunities for all. Jeff has been developing software since he was ten with breaks for food, sleep, etc. His aim when engineering is to make things easy to get right and hard to get wrong. Ankita crypto investment group not writing code, Jeff enjoys playing videogames, writing songs, and talking about going to the gym soon.

When he's not creating math and stats content, he enjoys playing and watching soccer, cooking, learning new things, playing fetch with his cat, and solving math problems for pure fun and glory. At Khan Academy, Veenus ankita crypto investment group the school implementation efforts for India. A software professional by training and having worked for India's largest tech firm, she found her calling in education.

She holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications and an executive certificate in management which she followed up with a Cambridge diploma in education. Her twin passions which she pursues with equal fervor are dancing and travelling. Coming full circle, he now leads a team opțiune binară lander page Engineers building amazing education software for learners around the world! When he's not building products, Shawn likes to go cycling, play hockey, read, play video games, travel and try new food! Before joining Khan Academy, she served on the Hillary for America design team, built user-friendly government services at 18F, designed data literacy curricula at MIT's Civic Data Design Lab, and developed brands and interactive experiences at 2x4. In her spare time she enjoys going low tech--baking, sewing, hiking, rollerblading and the occasional yoga retreat. Paul works on the Khan Academy Kids team. He is thrilled to be creating fun educational experiences for little learners around the world. Paul's background includes a mix of product and classroom experience, and he's excited to bring those together at Khan Academy. Danielle is a Product Analyst at Khan Academy. She uses data to help people make better decisions for our learners.

When not puzzling over ankita crypto investment group questions, Danielle enjoys reading, writing, and cooking. On the weekends you can usually find her playing outside: scuba diving, snowboarding, ATVing, or camping with her husband and cat. She is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sujata comes to Khan Academy after many years developing and managing software initiatives in fintech.

Outside of work you will find her at local famers markets or hiking one of the many glorious Bay Area trails! Libby enjoys transforming complicated data into actionable insights. At Khan Academy, she helps the marketing team spread the word that anyone can learn anything. Outside of work, you can find her climbing rocks or attempting to surf. Paul joined Khan Academy in to lead DevOps and to ensure that the site runs really well and learners can count on it being available to them.

Prior to Khan Academy, Paul lead the building of many Enterprise applications and managed Cloud initiatives and technology at companies such as Intuit and Novell. When not working with computers he pursues his passion of Squash, Windsurfing and flying Paramotors. Mita is excited to join the engineering team at Khan Academy where she will focus on tools, infrastructure, automation and quality. Mita is passionate ankita crypto investment group education and in her spare time likes to teach young children to code. Mita loves to cook only gourmet and preferably desserts! Carina is a program manager for Khan Academy in Brazil and she is enthusiastic about social transformation through education. She was a teacher for 11 years and although she misses being in classrooms, ankita crypto investment group happy to bring quality education in scale to Brazilian classrooms. He's been building software of one sort or another for over 20 years. When he's not reading about the latest trends in computing he spends his time with his wife, snowboarding, or running. Vidhi manages all things marketing and partnerships for India. With her masters in Marketing, she is intrigued by human psychology and what wires us to make the choices we do.

When not busy making a dent in the education landscape, she loves to spend her time reading, binge-watching shows, and feeding her creative appetite by learning new art forms. Ghis dreams that all Peruvian students use Khan Academy to access a better world-class education. Therefore, she works building alliances with the public and private sector, encouraging schools to use the platform as a useful tool for teachers. Anthony helps users across the world can find the free educational content on Khan Academy from search engines. Before arriving at Khan Academy, he spent time doing e-commerce SEO and consulting for a wide range of clients. Playing Nintendo, family board game night, watching a Vikings game or heading to the lake cabin are pretty typical plans for a weekend. Ankita crypto investment group believes that education is the key to a better future for her country. She loves Khan Academy and is excited about bringing this high-quality content to Brazil. She leads the teams responsible for content localization and local content creation. Amanda has been working in Education for over 10 years. She has experienced many different roles, from educational franchise manager to teacher trainer, as well as being a mentor for teachers and school coordinators. Mark has always enjoyed learning, teaching and empowering others.

Mark is the creator of Cum minez monede virtuale Boy, a popular testing framework for Python, and has been published by the American Institute of Physics. Miguel loves solving problems and writing software while listening to music. He also loves contributing to Open Source and spends a good amount of time trying to improve the JavaScript landscape.

When he is not writing code he is probably building or flying drones, BBQing, or watching Netflix. Elle is a digital marketer with over 10 years of experience in web development, SEM, SEO, email and social ankita crypto investment group marketing. She also dabbles in product marketing and data analytics at Khan Academy. Outside of work, she's a gardener, conservation advocate, and an aspiring outdoor adventurist. Elle loves nature. Neha loves to learn new things and teach everyone. When she is not nerding out on her laptop, she can be found reading, or baking or gardening. Jordan knows that people want to change the world. She heads up Community Giving so that more people can be part of our collective effort to provide a world class education for anyone, anywhere.

Prior to joining Khan Academy she was saving the world in a variety of ways and roles at The Nature Conservancy. She also has faint memories of years in public relations and communications for technology companies. Ankita is a big believer in living with a healthy disregard for the impossible, and has always sought high-impact roles. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Ankita worked in various Silicon Valley startups and big-tech companies, was a product fellow at Kleiner Perkins, and spent several years in management consulting. She holds a B. Anna is proud to work with a community of international volunteers and nonprofit organizations who translate and localize educational content to accelerate Khan Academy's mission of a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Prior to joining Khan Academy, Anna held various product, program, and operations roles in the human rights, environmental, and global literacy programs at Benetech, and software consulting and data analysis roles at Manugistics. Anna received a B. When not working, Anna enjoys many types of music and dance, and spending time near the ocean whenever possible! Adam enjoys making software bigger and faster. After working at Google and Microsoft, he's excited to help change the way eductation is delivered. Before joining Khan Academy, Corey helped hundreds of students to improve their standardized test scores. He is very humbled by the fact that, through his work here at Khan, that number is now in the millions.

Russell believes that good software can change lives. He strives to make his work fun to use and accessible to all. When not coding, he likes to go on trips and take many out of focus pictures. Juan works on the Frontend infrastructure team. Passionate about Design systems, tooling and web performance. When not coding, he likes biking, playing soccer and hanging out with his ankita crypto investment group. Prior to Khan Academy, she has served as an Executive Assistant in the higher education sector for 8 years where she honed her skills in operations and event management, cross-departmental coordination, and helped in building organizational culture.

In her free time, she likes to study culture as a concept and how it encompasses the range of human phenomena that cannot be attributed to genetic inheritance. They are pleased as punch to be able to give back to this community. Sarah believes in lifelong learning. She is thrilled to continue supporting education through attention to detail platforma de investiţii cripto-monede quality engineering at Khan Academy. Sarah enjoys hiking, reading all the exhibit signs in museums, singing, and playing cooperative survival ankita crypto investment group computer games.

Karla believes in the power of education to change lives. At Khan Academy she is able to partner with supporters who share that belief to help secure the funding that enables a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Karla spent time in college access and teaching. Alexis started making websites during the Flash and guestbook craze of the early 's and hasn't stopped since. In spite of those trying beginnings, today they focus on development to make the web and world a better place. In the off hours, they enjoy Broadway shows, reading, and playing games of both the board and video variety. Warren is a multidisciplinary designer, artist, and tinkerer. He loves building bani de la domiciliu on-line, tending to rare succulents, and spending time with his family. Before joining Khan Academy, he helped lead design on projects at Vox Media, co-founded a non-profit newspaper, and built a civic startup called City2. Kat believes in education as a means to a better world. After earning her B. Having both taught in the classroom and worked in textbook publishing, she's delighted to be part of Khan's effort to bring innovative learning to students around the world.

Kat also believes travel is a means to a broader education ankita crypto investment group frequently embarks on trips with her family, who occupy the other half of her time! Lilli is a Senior Software Engineer, maker, and artist. In her free time, she's often playing on her phone, making something new, or taking her art installations on tour around the west coast and the world.

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She helps ensure the design quality of the artwork and content going into the Khan Academy Kids app. She is passionate about working on a mission-driven team to help create a free, fun, and educational experience for kids around the world. When she's not making gifs of the Khan Academy Kids characters, she enjoys film photography, petting cats, and short walks to a coffee shop. Jason is a full-stack web developer working on the learning platform team at Khan Academy.


Before joining he spent his time building websites and mobile apps for Mobify and TripAdvisor. When he's not at his computer he can be comerciant de cripto inteligent in the great outdoors rock climbing, skiing, or hiking. Boris is a python developer on the infrastructure team. Passionate about education, he also teaches at a coding bootcamp in Vancouver, Canada. When he's not coding, he spends time bike touring, rock climbing, exploring new documentaries, and playing bad music to experiment with his audience.

Hung has more than 17 years of experience in software quality assurance. Passionate and dedicated to releasing quality products, he is super excited to be part of Khan Academy and help give back to the community. Outside of work, Hung enjoys spending time with his first baby boy and family,followed by running, cycling and sipping on a cup of Philz coffee. Susan loves working with others to turn visions into reality. Before joining Khan Academy, Susan helped shape new product concepts and technologies at Amazon. Outside of work, she enjoys running local trails, hiking near the coast, consuming poetry, and editing photos on her smartphone. She believes in the future. She wishes you well. Before Khan Academy, Natália worked teaching math to students of a Foundation bani de la domiciliu on-line Brazil, she graduated in Physics and Mathematics at Unicamp, one of the most renowned universities in Brazil. Passionate about people, education and technology she always seeks to unite these passions and at Khan Academy this is possible.

Outside of work, Natália likes to spend her time with family and friends and she is always looking articol milionar bitcoin the next travel destination. She has been working in Education as a teacher for over ankita crypto investment group years and with teacher training and capacity building since Outside of work Dan seeks adventure and learning. He enjoys hiking, camping, traveling and photography. A first-generation college graduate, Sandi holds a masters degree in accounting from North Carolina State University and a certificate in nonprofit management from Duke University. Nada is passionate about education since she was TAing for computer science classes during college. After completing her internship at Khan Academy, Nada was eager to continue working with an incredible team that wants to provide free, world-class education to everyone, everywhere. Bruxelas afirma que, precisamente, ou essas questões difíceis ficam desde já solucionadas, ou qualquer acordo estará, a prazo, condenado a mão funcionar. Pescas, livre circulação, a fronteira entre as duas Irlandas e os apoios estatais ao setor privado continuam a ser, grosso modo, a genda do desentendimento entre a duas partes.

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